Zoning Permits

A Zoning Compliance Permit must be obtained from the Zoning Administrator prior to:

  1. Obtaining a building permit from the Washtenaw County Building Department.
  2. Obtaining a certificate of occupancy from the Washtenaw County Building Department.
  3. A change in use or a lot or structure.
  4. Extending a use on a lot where there is a non-conforming use or structure.

Applications for a zoning compliance permit must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator.  Applications for zoning compliance can be accessed below:

Building and Construction

Deck Permit Application
Washtenaw County Deck Standards
Demolition Application
Fence Permit Application 

Plot Plan Requirements for Decks and Fences

Sidewalk and ROW Construction Permit
Application for Temporary Structure, Use, Special Event Permit
Zoning Compliance Application for single family dwelling unit/addition, mulitple-family building/additions, multiple-family dwelling unit, commercial/offic building/addition, industrial building/addition, accessory detached structure (residential) and accessory detached structure (commercial/industrial).

Building Use and Occupation

Home Occupation Application
Zoning Compliance Application for Interior/Exterior Remodel and/or Change of Tenant/Use
Outdoor Seating Permit

Rezoning and Zoning Appeals

Rezoning Application
Rezoning Application - Conditional
Zoning Board of Appeals Application


Sandwich Board Sign Permit
Sign Permit
Temporary Commercial Sign Permit 
Temporary Sign Permit - Public Property

Other Forms

Code Complaint Form
Right of Way Permit
Land Division/Combination Application