Trash/Recycle Toter Reminders

August 12, 2019

All trash and recycling must be placed inside the toters for collection by Waste Management. Please break down boxes and place them inside the recycle toter. Items outside of the toters will not be collected unless it is a specified bulk item collection day. On Monday, August 12, 2019, Waste Management will continue to collect old trash cans. Please clearly mark them with a sign that says "Trash - Please Take" so that the driver knows to remove them.

Old cans can be used for yard waste as long as they are 32 gallons or less and weigh less than 50 pounds at time of pick-up. The cans should also have a sticker that says "yard waste", which can be picked up at the City Office.

Postcards for residents wishing to change the size of their trash or recycle container are due back to Waste Management by August 15, 2019. Those in condo developments who received a letter instead of a postcard should call Waste Management or the City Office with changes by this date also. Waste Management will follow up directly with residents regarding when in September the swap will occur.