Mill Creek Park Controlled Burn

March 24, 2019

At the recommendation of the City’s native landscaping contractor, the Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council have approved a controlled burn for the natural areas of Mill Creek Park. The burn is scheduled to occur the afternoon of April 4, 2019. This burn will not impact landscaped beds or trees.

A controlled burn was performed in the rain gardens along Jeffords St. in 2018, which resulted in re-greening within a few weeks and very positive results for the native species that were planted there.

You may be wondering, “why burn?”  Fire effectively stimulates many native plant species to grow more vigorously by increasing the soil temperature, adding nutrients, and by discouraging invasive plants that are not adapted to fire. Today, many undesirable plants have invaded our native fire-adapted ecosystems, which typically decreases a site’s diversity of plants and the animals those plants support.  The aggressive spread of weeds such as reed canary grass is symptomatic of a disruption to a vital process in our natural landscape.  In many cases bringing fire back into a site can help to restore that site to its natural splendor.