DTE - Planned Power Outage (Monday, November 18, 2019)

November 18, 2019

DTE has been notifying customers in the downtown area of the City that there will be a scheduled power outage the morning of Monday, November 18, 2019. DTE does these notifications via phone call to the phone number listed on the account for that address. The outages are expected to be brief and to occur within the time period provided by DTE in their messages.

Residents in the area of Grand St. and Broad St. may have noticed that DTE has installed new poles next to their old poles. After all of the utilities have removed their infrastructure off of the old poles, they will be removed. This work is all part of the effort to decommission the downtown substation located along Broad Street. The temporary power outage is necessary to transfer the lines from receiving their power from the downtown station to the station on Second Street. A map of the impacted lines can be accessed by clicking here. As is indicated by the map, the downtown substation was servicing a very small portion of the community.

Once the substation is decommissioned, the land will be given to the City in exchange for two acres of land on Dan Hoey. DTE will use the land on Dan Hoey for a future substation.

Thank you for your patience as this important project moves forward.