Baker Road is Open to Traffic

September 4, 2018

Six Tips for Safely Navigating Roundabouts

1.    Slow Down: Roundabouts are designed to reduce your speed upon entry (suggested speed is between 15 – 20 mph). Slower speeds allow you to drive defensively.

2.    Yield, Don’t Merge: Vehicles in the roundabout have the right-of-way. Do not merge into a roundabout like you merge onto a highway. Slow down and yield, or stop if necessary, for traffic that is circulating the roundabout. Enter the roundabout when a safe gap is present. Once you are in the roundabout, only stop to avoid a collision.

3.    Look for Pedestrians and Bicycles: Yield to all pedestrians in crosswalks before and after you exit a roundabout. Bicycles should be treated as a car in the roundabout. Never pass a cyclist in a roundabout. Give them room to maneuver.

4.    Pick the Correct Lane: Each roundabout on Baker Road will be a single-lane roundabout but there will be an exclusive right turn lane when traveling between Dan Hoey Road and Shield Road. Just like a traditional intersection, be sure to pick the correct lane. Don’t use the right-turn lane to continue north or southbound on Baker Road.

5.    Use Your Turn Signal: Just like a traditional intersection, you should use turn signals in a roundabout to notify other drivers of your intentions.

6.    Leave Space for Trucks: It is important for you to provide plenty of room for tractor-trailer trucks to maneuver in a roundabout. Do not attempt to overtake a truck in a roundabout.

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