Master Plan

Purpose of the Master Plan

Planning is a process that involves the conscious selection of policy choices relating to land use, growth, and physical development of the community. The purpose of the City of Dexter Master Plan is to state the goals and identify the policies and strategies regarding land use and development the Village will pursue to attain those goals.

Master Plan

How is the Plan Used?

The Master Plan is used in a variety of ways:

1. Most important, the Plan is a general statement of the City’s goals and policies and provides a single, comprehensive view of the community's desires for the future.

2. The Master Plan serves as an aid in daily decision-making. The goals and policies outlined in the Master Plan guide the Planning Commission, City Council and other City bodies in their deliberations on zoning, subdivision, capital improvements and other matters related to land use and development. The Plan provides a stable, long-term basis for decision-making providing for a balance of land uses specific to the character of the City of Dexter.

3. The Master Plan provides the statutory basis upon which zoning decisions are made. The Zoning Enabling Act, PA 110 of 2006, as amended requires that the zoning ordinance be based upon a plan designed to promote the public health, safety and general welfare. It is important to note that the Master Plan and accompanying maps do not replace other City Ordinances, specifically the Zoning Ordinance and Map.

4. The Master Plan attempts to coordinate public improvements and private developments. For example, public investments such as road or sewer and water improvements should be located in areas identified in the Plan as resulting in the greatest benefit to the Village and its residents.

5. Finally, the Master Plan serves as an educational tool and gives citizens, property owners, developers and adjacent communities a clear indication of theCity’s direction for the future.

In summation, the City of Dexter Master Plan is the only officially adopted document that sets forth an agenda for the achievement of goals and policies. It is a long-range statement of general goals and policies aimed at the unified and coordinated development of the City that compliments the goals of nearby governmental units, wherever possible. It helps develop a balance of orderly change in a deliberate and controlled manner that permits controlled development.