General Permits and Forms


Building permits are required before building anything.  They are available from the Washtenaw County Building Department.  Prior to obtaining a building permit, a zoning compliance permit must be obtained from the Community Development Department.  Please see the Zoning Permits page.

Soil Erosion Permits:  Please contact the Washtenaw County Soil Erosion Department for permit information.

Permits and Forms

Committee/Commission Application
Use this form to apply for a position on a City of Dexter committee or commission. 

Committee/Commission Application for Student Representatives
Use this form to apply to be a Student Representative to City Boards or Commissions. 

Complaint Form/Request for Service
Use this form to request a service from the City or to make a non-ordinance related complaint. 

Controlled Burn Permit Application
Required in order to have a controlled burn.  Approval needed from both the City and the Dexter Area Fire Department. 

Employment Application
Application for employment with the City of Dexter.

Freedom of Information Act Request Form
Summary of the City of Dexter's Freedom of Information Act Policy
Used to request information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Hawkers and Peddlers Application
Required before commencing any door-to-door sales activities. This is not a same-day permit.

Main Street Banner Permit Application
Application to schedule a time to hang an organization's banner across Main Street.  Also provides requirements for the construction of the banner.

Oversize/Overweight Vehicles Permit
Required for haulers making trips through the City of  Dexter.

Pavement Sealant Applicator Registration Application
Use this form to register with the City of Dexter to be a permitted sealcoat applicator.

Property Addressing Application
Use this form to request an address on a new property. 

Push Cart Permit Application
Use this form to apply for a Push Cart Permit