Dexter City Council


The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City, and is responsible for presiding at Council meetings and recommending people for appointment to various committees and commissions. The Mayor also has the same duties as a council member.

The Mayor writes a report for each Council meeting. Those reports can be viewed by clicking here.


There are six council members that are the legislators for the City. They are responsible for approving the budget, approving payment of bills, adopting ordinances, setting tax rates and any other City business that may come before them.

When the Mayor is absent, the Mayor Pro Tem (who is appointed by the Council) presides at council meetings and exercises all powers and duties of the Mayor. 

Student Representatives

Two Dexter area students are appointed for a one year term as Student Representatives to City Council. The current Student Representatives are:

Andrew Covert
Isabella Malek

Goals & Objectives

Each year City Council establishes goals for the fiscal year. Click here to view these goals.

City Council Rules

Every two years City Council reviews its rules and meeting policies. Click here to view the City Council Rules document.