Commercial Areas

The City is home to several business corridors including Downtown, Baker Road, and Dexter-Ann Arbor Road.


Downtown Dexter at Sunset

Dexter has a picturesque traditional downtown that was originally built in the 1800s. The historic area includes Main Street, and portions of Alpine, Broad, Central, Forest and Grand.  The three story architecture and surrounding buildings house both residential units and various commercial businesses, including flower shops, home goods/craft stores, banks, technology shops, recreation/exercise/dance studios, legal/financial/insurance services, barber shops, galleries, a gas station/convenience shop, a hardware store, a theatre, dentist office, several restuarants, an ice cream store and a fantastic bakery. 

Baker Road

The Baker Road corridor runs from Main Street to Dan Hoey.  It is directly accessible from I-94.  This corridor is currently undergoing a transformation that started in 2010 with the building of the Dexter Pharmacy building. In 2012, construction began on the Dexter Wellness Center, replacing an obsolete industrial building. The corridor also features many businesses in typical commerical buildings and fomer houses that have been modfied into commerical structures.   The 1 mile corridor includes a Post Office, financial services, a gas station/convenience stop, a dry cleaner, an automotive supply store, a restaurant, pharmacy, dentist office and day care center.

Dexter-Ann Arbor Road

The Dexter-Ann Arbor Road corridor extends from Kensington to the Village limits, just past Dan Hoey. This corridor has also seen several large scale projects including the newly reconstructed LaFontaine Chevrolet, the Busch's Shopping Center, and the Country Market Shopping Center.   The corridor is home to many commercial types of businesses including restaurants/ice cream parlor, a card shop, a video rental store, a University of Michigan Health Center, a gas station, a day care center and two banks.