Capital Improvements Plan

Purpose of the Capital Improvements Plan

This capital improvements plan (CIP) outlines a schedule of public service expenditures over the ensuing six-year period and beyond.  The CIP does not address all of the capital expenditures for the City, but provides for large, physical improvements that are permanent in nature, including the basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of the community.  These include transportation systems, utilities, municipal facilities and other miscellaneous projects. 

To qualify for inclusion into the CIP, a project must meet the following standards:

  • Be consistent with 1) an adopted or anticipated component of the City’s master plan, 2) a state or federal requirement, or 3) a City Council approved policy; and
  • Constitute permanent, physical or system improvements, or significant equipment purchases, with a minimum project cost of $10,000 (in most cases); and
  • Add to the value or capacity of the infrastructure of the City.

Projects that are considered operational, maintenance or recurring are excluded, except when a limited duration project, are included.

Preparation of the capital improvements plan is done under the authority of the Municipal Planning Commission Act (PA 33 of 2008), as amended.  It is the City Planning Commission’s goal that the CIP be used as a tool to implement the City’s Master Plan and assist is the City’s financial planning.

The capital improvements plan proposes project funding relative to the anticipated availability of fiscal resources and the choice of specific improvements to be achieved throughout the six-year plan.  Throughout this document you will see references to the Planning Department.  This consists of the Planning Commission and the Community Development Manager.

Capital Improvements Plan FY 2019-2024