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April 18, 2017

Dog waste must be collected and disposed of in a trash can. The City has provided trash receptacles and dog waste disposal units throughout town. Dog waste is not suitable for recycle, compost or storm drains. Not collecting dog waste or intentionally throwing it into a City storm drain is an ordinance violation. (City Ordinance Sec. 10-37)

Trash cans, recyclables, and compost bags should be placed out at the street no earlier than 5 pm on Thursday. All materials must be out at the curb by 7 am Friday morning. (City Ordinance Sec. 38-74)

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalks downtown is not permitted. Bicycle riders should walk their bike on the sidewalk in the downtown area. This is especially important to avoid collisions right in front of entrances to our downtown businesses. (City Ordinance Section 54-133)

Spring is a time of rapid plant growth and also brings greater use of City sidewalks. If you have plants, shrubs or trees on your property that have grown over the sidewalk, please trim them back so that they are not obstructing the safe use of the sidewalks.

April 17, 2017

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office will begin their summer session of the Citizens Academy at the end of May 2017.   The academy is designed to provide a broad overview of the Sheriff's Office and its operations.   The academy meets 1 night a week on Wednesdays from 6 pm to 9 pm.   The attendees receive presentations and tours of Corrections, EOC, Dispatch, Patrol Operations and many of the specialty units. 

Click here for registration information.

April 12, 2017

We have received a few more details about tomorrow's bike event. The group has 130 riders confirmed, but expects there to be more that participate. They will be staging in Monument Park and then heading out on Central, to Main, to Dexter Chelsea. Many of the riders will be carpooling to the site, however they will be using public parking areas, including along the adjacent side streets.

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office has informed the City that a local bicycle club will be holding a bike ride from Dexter to the Courthouse in Chelsea tomorrow morning (Thursday, April 13, 2017). The group is expected to include between 100 to 500 bicyclists and will leave from downtown Dexter around 8:30 am. The Sheriff's Office will be providing traffic control. If you are planning to travel through downtown during this time, please be prepared for a delay. The Sheriff will also accompany the bicyclists when they return to Dexter in late morning/early afternoon.

April 11, 2017

Registration is now open for the Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival adult and kids' workshops.

Adult Workshop

We are very excited to offer an adult workshop with nationally known, award-winning artist Peggi Kroll Roberts this year as part of our Festival. Peggi is also our awarding judge for the Plein Air and Quick Draw Competitions.

Her two-day workshop, "Still Life & Outdoor Settings" will be held on August 19 & 20, 2017. The cost to participate is $300 per person. Class size is limited. Please visit for more information or to register online.

Kids' Workshops

The Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival will host the Cookies and Canvass Children’s Painting Workshops on Wednesday, August 16th. The sessions are separated by age bracket - elementary, middle, and high school age. For more information, or to complete the online registration for one of these sessions, please visit

All art supplies are provided. Cost to participate is $10 per child/young adult.

Workshops are held rain or shine.

April 7, 2017

Yard waste collection by Waste Management will start until Friday, April 7, 2017. 

April 7, 2017

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office has asked that we pass along the following warning from the Federal Communications Commission regarding a phone scam that has been occurring in the Dexter/Chelsea area.


Phone Fraudsters Recording Consumers’ Voice Responses

WASHINGTON, March 27, 2017 - The Federal Communications Commission is alerting consumers to
be on the lookout for scam callers seeking to get victims to say the word “yes” during a call and later use
a recording of the response to authorize unwanted charges on the victim's utility or credit card account.

According to complaints the FCC has received and public news reports, the fraudulent callers
impersonate representatives from organizations that provide a service and may be familiar to the person
receiving the call, such as a mortgage lender or utility, to establish a legitimate reason for trying to reach
the consumer.

The scam begins when a consumer answers a call and the person at the end of the line asks, “Can you
hear me?” The caller then records the consumer's "Yes" response and thus obtains a voice signature.
This signature can later be used by the scammers to pretend to be the consumer and authorize fraudulent
charges via telephone.

If you receive this type of call, immediately hang up. If you have already responded to this type of call,
review all of your statements such as those from your bank, credit card lender, or telephone company for
unauthorized charges. If you notice unauthorized charges on these and other types of statements, you
have likely been a victim of “cramming”.

Anyone who believes they have been targeted by this scam should immediately report the incident to the
Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker and to the FCC Consumer Help Center.
Consumers should always be on alert for telephone scams. The following tips can help ward off
unwanted calls and scams:

  • Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Let them go to voicemail.
  • If you answer and the caller (often a recording) asks you to hit a button to stop receiving calls, just hang up. Scammers often use these tricks to identify, and then target, live respondents.
  • If you receive a scam call, write down the number and file a complaint with the FCC so we can help identify and take appropriate action to help consumers targeted by illegal callers.
  • Ask your phone service provider if it offers a robocall blocking service. If not, encourage your provider to offer one. You can also visit the FCC’s website for information and resources on available robocall blocking tools to help reduce unwanted calls.
  • Consider registering all of your telephone numbers in the National Do Not Call Registry.


As the Agency that implements and enforces the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the FCC reviews
all consumer complaints. The Agency will continue, when appropriate, to issue consumer alerts based on
those complaints and other public information related to possible scams and frauds in hopes of informing
and empowering consumers.

Consumer Complaints:
Phone: (888) 225-5322
TTY: (888) 835-5322

April 6, 2017

The City has started a Spring sweeping of the streets. On Thursday, April 6, 2017, streets will be swept in West Ridge, Dexter Crossing and Huron Farms. Please remove all vehicles from the street, where possible, by 7 am so that the sweeper can clean the curb line/edge of roadway.   

April 3, 2017

Residents interested in having a tree planted in their lawn extension can participate in our 2017 Tree Planting Program. Please complete and return the form by Friday, April 28, 2017.  Participation in the program is $150 per tree. The form can be accessed at

April 2, 2017

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office has offered the assistance of its Community Work Program to the City. The Community Work Program is an alternative to incarceration program that substitutes community labor, rather than incarceration, for carefully selected offenders.  The Work Program provides service to local municipalities and other non-profit organizations throughout Washtenaw County.  

Participants in the program, accompanied by a Washtenaw County Sheriff's Deputy, will be working on cleaning up trash and debris in Downtown Dexter and in City Parks. Work is anticipated to occur (weather permitting) from 8 am to 4 pm on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 and over the weekend on April 1st and 2nd.

March 28, 2017

The 2017 Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival will be held from August 14, 2017 to August 20, 2017. Artist registration for the Festival is now available at