3045 Broad Street Redevelopment

3045 Broad Street Redevelopment

The Dexter DDA and City of Dexter collectively own four parcels in the Downtown.  The four parcels measure approximately 3 acres (total), northwest of Main Street, between Grand and Forest Streets, and directly front onto the City’s award winning Mill Creek Park. These parcels include 3045 Broad Street, and three vacant lots (8077-8087 Forest Street and 8090 Grant Street).  The 3045 Broad Street property surrounds a DTE substation on 3 sides.  The DDA/City and DTE are finalizing an agreement to decommission the sub-station and transfer of ownership of the property from DTE to the City. Hence, this property will be included in the redevelopment project area. Click here for a map of the entire development project area.

This project area has great residential, retail and office potential due to its location overlooking Mill Creek and Mill Creek Park, not to mention its close proximity to downtown Dexter.  In November 2017, the City entered into a pre-development agreement with Norfolk Development to redevelop the property the City owns at 3045 Broad. A copy of the agreement can be accessed by clicking here

Community Engagement Workshop #2 – 3045 Broad Street Redevelopment

Please join us for our second Community Engagement Workshop with Norfolk Development regarding the 3045 Broad Street redevelopment project, on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 6 pm.  The Workshop will take place in the Cafeteria at Creekside Intermediate School (2615 Baker Road).  This is the second in a series of collaborative design events to get feedback on the redevelopment of 3045 Broad (former DAPCO site downtown).

Community Engagement Workshop #1 – 3045 Broad Street Redevelopment

On December 6, 2017 the City and Norfolk hosted the first public engagement workshop. The workshop was designed as a listening session, organized around sixkey topics; 1) Traffic Flow/Broad Street, 2) Pedestrian Experience, 3) Parking, 4) Site and Mill Creek Park, 5) Program, and 6) Additional Comments.

The Norfolk Team has analyzed and evaulated the public feedback, and identified key takeways.  Click hear to review the Norfolk Teams Community Feedback report.

Previous Community Input

Consideration of community goals is an important aspect of the redevelopment opportunity.  Community converstations have taken place, notes from which have been complied and can be viewed by clicking the links below.  This community input was a response toth evarious discussion topics, context (elelments to consider surroung the site itself, with special attention to Mill Creek Park), uses, density, building height, parking, and design.

Click here to read the comments from the public at the meeting on April 16, 2016.

Site Analysis Presented by Developer

Click here to read the comments from the public at the meeting on May 11, 2016.

Concept Plan Presented by Developer, based on comments provided at Public Meeting #1 and #2

Click here to read the comments from the public at the meeting on June 8, 2016.